Denim Family gift card

Denim Dream gift card applies to all Denim Dream, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Tom Tailor, Desigual, Lemongrass House, Calvin Klein and Mustang stores in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Gift card can not be exchanged for money.
Denim Dream gift card can be paid up to the amount of the balance charged for purchases on the card.
When purchasing, the purchase amount is deducted from the balance on the card loaded until the balance reaches zero.
Gift card has no expiration date.
Card is reusable and can be retrieved.

Using the gift card in the online shop

1. All gift cards issued by Põldma Kaubanduse AS that have a hidden online pin code can be used in the online shop.
2. The gift card can be used by adding the gift cards online pin code to the Shopping Cart’s Gift Card field.
3. If you click the button Confirm and Pay, but do not pay for the Order, the amount used from the gift card will be held for up to 2 hours. After this time has passed, the gift card can be used again.
4. The Shopping Cart allows you to choose the amount you wish to pay by using the gift card. If the purchase amount falls short of the usable amount on the gift card, the sum exceeding the purchase amount will stay on the gift card to be used at another date. If the purchase amount exceeds the usable amount on the gift card, the shortfall must be paid by using the payment options in the Shopping Cart.
5. In case of returns, the amount paid by a gift card will be refunded to the Customer’s e-mail in the form of an electronic gift card. The electronic gift card can be used in all the shops and online shop that belong to Põldma Kaubanduse AS.
6. In case of a partial return, the amount paid by other means will be refunded first and only then, if necessary, the amount paid by the gift card.
7. Denim Family bonus money will not be earned when buying gift card.
8. Using gift card when making purchase (as registered and logged in customer), Denim Family bonus money will be earned from the payment amount used from gift card.